California Now creator Levine Promotes Powers of Yoga

Elderly performing yogaYoga has immense healing powers and countless benefits to our health. Originally from India, where Buddhists were practicing yogis to attain spirituality and harmony, Yoga has enthusiastically become one the most advantageous fitness regiments for all ages.

You may remember the images of yogis floating in the air with legs crossed and eyes closed, meditating on his instruction. The concept behind former yogi illustrations is simple. Practicing yogis believed that an extreme lightness of mind and body can be achieved throughout meditation, and the body itself could float in the air, unaffected by the stresses of life.

Today, yoga is more popular than ever, since the scientific studies conclude that Yoga combats aging. There’s no floating in the air, but Yoga focuses on the holistic health and fitness of the body, spirit and of the mind. Yoga instills discipline, harmonizing the organs within the body and creates peace of mind. The combined efforts of this regimen can impact your posture, your daily level of relaxation and helps to promote deeper breathing. This encourages the body to eliminate toxins.

Yoga is recommended for people suffering with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease because it’s a low-impact exercise, based on stretching. It’s the perfect maintenance program for baby boomers looking to remain flexible and combat the signs of aging.

Yoga benefits the body in many ways, and here are some of the highlights:

1. Helps relieve insomnia by calming the body and mind
2. Breathing exercises help control asthma and diminish asthma attacks
2. It provides relief for people suffering from back pain and osteoporosis
3. It regulates blood pressure and blood flow
4. Promotes weight control and diminishes obesity
5. Cures and breathlessness aid anemic patients
6. Ovarian function also improves for women with menstrual disorders
7. Posture is better and back problems are eliminated
8. Harmony of body and mind is always established

A Yoga regimen is the newest fountain of youth. It’s a natural anti aging vehicle and different yoga postures helps to maintain wrinkle-free skin for years. It’s really an all over beauty enhancer that provides a tranquil balance.


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