Can Yoga Diminish Arthritis and Chronic Pain?

chair yogaEric Levine of California Wow is often questioned about incorporating Yoga into a regular exercise regimen, and how it can help diminish the severity of many chronic diseases. Yoga is one of the best all-in-one exercises for any age group. It can also help manage stress, improve your mood, and help the elderly maintain independence by reducing the risk of falls. It really does it all.

Yoga is also great for those suffering with arthritis.

  • Stretching maintains strong muscles and helps to relieve pressure on inflamed joints,
  • Stretching exercises help maintain your range of motion

Undeniably, those living with the pain of arthritis, many exercises can be difficult due to balance problems. This is where the techniques of yoga can help. Levine of California Wow says enrollment at many Yoga classes are up and guess who rapidly fills those seats.

Many people see all the Yoga postures and get this misconception and think they can not possibly perform those moves. Common concerns are flexibility, and balance or the need to sit for long periods. The truth is Yoga includes many poses that can be done by everyone. Your main objective will be determining the correct posture to suit your specific needs.

Did You Know?

There are yoga exercises specifically for individuals who are unable to support their weight? Yoga can be performed while sitting in a chair. You can also perform many poses while semi-standing and leaning on a chair for balance. Additionally, there are even ‘bedtop yoga’ programs that cater to bedridden individuals.

One thing is for sure, doctors have proven that a mild and moderate yoga regimen can help diminish arthritic pain and today, many doctors recommend their patients implement Yoga in their daily schedule.

California Wow creator Eric Levine continues to enthusiastically promote regular yoga sessions. It can improve strength and posture, flexibility, reduce aches and pains in the joints and back, and improve balance and reduce the risk of falls.

The first step is having a willingness to discover which Yoga movements are best for you, and how yoga postures can be adapted to your capacity.


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